January 2014

January NEWS!

It’s raining, It’s pouring… and the farmers get to sleep just a little
longer! Yep- it’s the rainy season for us on the farm- the time of year
where we get to rest a bit longer in the morning knowing that nature is
watering for us. The mist hovers near the mountains hiding from the
morning sun, the trade winds trickle through the palm fronds, and rain
boots become part of our daily uniform.  The coffee cherries are nearly
ready to harvest and our poha berry bushes are proving to be a wonderful
snack for us. Avocado trees are blossoming and the pesky cabbage moths are
back- nibbling on our greens.  The beginning of the New Year is a
beautiful time to be on the farm and it is our resolution, this year, to
get more folks out here to share the beauty with us. We are hosting and
planning some fantastic events to take place on the farm. Keep checking in
with us because you won’t want to miss out!

We had the pleasure of hosting Darren Doherty and Lisa Heenan at the farm
for a lecture on the Regenerative Agrarian movement. Both Darren and Lisa
have many years of experience designing regenerative and holistic farm
management systems. The lecture was inspiring and full of incredible
information for farmers and backyard gardeners alike. We are so grateful
to have had Darren and Lisa at the farm and hope they will come back soon!
Check out the “Regrarian” movement at: http://www.heenandoherty.com/

We have strengthened our bond with our friends at Yogarden to offer more
frequent yoga-farm-to-table dinners on the farm. After a live music yoga
class, guests sit down to a delicious homemade meal prepared with local
ingredients and produce from the farm. Each dinner is seasonal, unique and
prepared with love. Take a look at what is planned for February:

In January, we welcomed the Living Foods Challenge group to the farm for a
yoga class and a farm tour. For more info on the living foods challenge
check out: www.facebook.com/livingfoodschallenge. We are excited to offer
tours to interested groups, just send us an email to make an appointment!

Mahalo to all of our friends, family, and community who continue to
support us on the unbelievable farming adventure.

Kai and Sean
Green Rows Farm