Civil Cafe @ Green Rows Farm / Monday, April 27, 2015

Civil Beat and Aloha Farm Lovers are presenting an awesome panel discussion event on the farm next monday, april 27, from 5-8 pm. The question: How can Hawaii become food self-sufficient? This is a challenging question to answer. Food self-sufficiency is a greater challenge. Green Rows Farm believes it can happen! Join us next week for an engaging conversation and pot-luck dinner. We look forward to seeing you. Aloha! 

Living in the Attitude of Gratitude

A Song For Gratitude (Uli Mahalo) 

ʻUhola ʻia ka makaloa lā
Pū ʻai i ke aloha ā
Kū kaʻi ʻia ka hā loa lā
Pāwehi mai nā lehua
Mai ka hoʻokuʻi a ka hālāwai lā
Mahalo e Nā Akua
Mahalo e nā kūpuna lā, ʻeā
Mahalo me ke aloha lā
Mahalo me ke aloha lā

The makaloa mat has been unfurled
In love, food we share
The great breath has been exchanged
Honored and adorned is the Lehua
From zenith to horizon
Gratitude and thanks to our Akua
Gratitude and thanks to our beloved ancestors
Gratitude, admiration, thanks, and love
To all who are present, both seen and unseen
-Kēhau Camara

****To listen to the Oli Mahalo :

We have so much gratitude for our community, our supporters, and our families. 
To our volunteers: A very sincere Mahalo. You all continue to surprise us with your commitment to our Wednesday volunteer days. Each week we appreciate your hard work, your smiles, and the stories you bring us. Every Wednesday is a sweet reminder of the days when building a community around caring for the earth was just a dream. We are so inspired by your love of the land, the farm, and knowledge of what it takes to grow local food in Hawaii. We are proud to call you our Green Rows Ohana and we are lucky to have you all in our lives. 

To our community: Without you the farm would not be complete. Thank you for attending our events, shopping at the Sunday Farmers Market, and supporting local food. We are grateful for this community- one that dances at every festival, spreads the word of the farm to unsuspecting friends, and cries when we run out of eggs at the market. Green Rows farm could never survive without all of you. Thank you for knowing your farmers, we love getting to know every single one of you. 

To our families: Thank you for empowering us to follow our dreams. The farm (and) life we have built is possible because of your love and encouragement. We are lucky and fortunate to farm on family land. We are grateful to share our new discoveries, mistakes, and produce with you. And we love all of you to the maximum! We are honored with the faith you have in us. 

And last but not least, we have to thank Kava, Mahi, Saki, the chickens, and all the micro-organisms who make our life that much sweeter. 

Kai & Sean 
Green Rows Farm 
November 2014

September 2014

Aloha Green Rows Ohana,

Our usual newsletter was delayed and most of our events for August were canceled due to the threat of two hurricanes. We had a few cloudy days and some rain- nothing extreme. However, our thoughts are with those residents of the Big Island who are still without electricity as the clean up continuesThe storm was a reminder of how vulnerable our small island chain can be out in the pacific. As the hurricanes loomed closer large ships carrying goods and food from the mainland were turned away by the Coast Guard.  While we were very lucky not to be hit there was still a clear message for us at the farm: in the face of crisis, self-sufficiency becomes survival! The more food we can grow on Oahu the more self sufficient and prepared we can be for future crises.

It was pure coincidence that the Permaculture Design course coincided with the timing of the storm… As the clouds rolled in the group discussed how gardens and garden design can help mitigate the effects of major storms and natural disasters, and provide for the community in the aftermath. It was exciting to see the students apply their newfound knowledge to brainstorm disaster preparedness in the garden for a real life scenario. The graduation was a wonderful celebration of change and transformation that is spreading out from Oahu to the world.

While we are on the topic of celebration, I want to remind you all to save the date: October 18th is our next Yogarden Music Festival at the farm! It will be a fun filled day of yoga, garden workshops and live music! Stay tuned for more info and links to tickets- we expect this event to sell out fast!


Upcoming Events:

Sept. 12 - Yogarden Farm-to-table Dinner & Live Music Yoga

Sept. 20 - Home Brewing Workshop with Chris Cook

Sept. 27 - Madre Chocolate & Sky Kombucha Tasting

 Before our winter rains begin, we will have our final Yogarden Farm-to-table Dinner & Live Music Yoga class of the year! Join us on September 12th. Please register by emailing:

 We are hosting two fantastic and delicious workshops in September!  On September 20th, Chris Cook will teach a basic Home Brew class. Have you ever wanted to bottle your own beer? No clue how to start? Interested in throwing in local spices or fruits? Don’t miss this class!  Chris will walk you through a complete hands-on fermentation process. Then enjoy a walking tour of the farm while sipping on Chris’s original Farmhouse Ale. Pre-registration is required, 35$ for the workshop. Please email to reserve your spot!

 Then on the 27th we will be having a local Chocolate and Kombucha pairing. Sky Kombucha and Madre Chocolate will provide samples and pairing of their products. Nat Bletter, from Madre Chocolate, will discuss the bean to bar process and the local ingredients they source to make their amazing products. Followed by a brief tour of the farm’s young permaculture orchard where we will check out the new cacao seedlings. The workshop will be $35, pre-register by emailing .

 We have made some changes to our website, check it out! And don’t forget to peruse through this month’s photo album.  

So many great events to choose from in September! We hope to see you all there!

 Much love and Aloha from this small farm in the middle of the Pacific!


Kai Hinson and Sean Anderson

Green Rows Farm

January 2014

January NEWS!

It’s raining, It’s pouring… and the farmers get to sleep just a little
longer! Yep- it’s the rainy season for us on the farm- the time of year
where we get to rest a bit longer in the morning knowing that nature is
watering for us. The mist hovers near the mountains hiding from the
morning sun, the trade winds trickle through the palm fronds, and rain
boots become part of our daily uniform.  The coffee cherries are nearly
ready to harvest and our poha berry bushes are proving to be a wonderful
snack for us. Avocado trees are blossoming and the pesky cabbage moths are
back- nibbling on our greens.  The beginning of the New Year is a
beautiful time to be on the farm and it is our resolution, this year, to
get more folks out here to share the beauty with us. We are hosting and
planning some fantastic events to take place on the farm. Keep checking in
with us because you won’t want to miss out!

We had the pleasure of hosting Darren Doherty and Lisa Heenan at the farm
for a lecture on the Regenerative Agrarian movement. Both Darren and Lisa
have many years of experience designing regenerative and holistic farm
management systems. The lecture was inspiring and full of incredible
information for farmers and backyard gardeners alike. We are so grateful
to have had Darren and Lisa at the farm and hope they will come back soon!
Check out the “Regrarian” movement at:

We have strengthened our bond with our friends at Yogarden to offer more
frequent yoga-farm-to-table dinners on the farm. After a live music yoga
class, guests sit down to a delicious homemade meal prepared with local
ingredients and produce from the farm. Each dinner is seasonal, unique and
prepared with love. Take a look at what is planned for February:

In January, we welcomed the Living Foods Challenge group to the farm for a
yoga class and a farm tour. For more info on the living foods challenge
check out: We are excited to offer
tours to interested groups, just send us an email to make an appointment!

Mahalo to all of our friends, family, and community who continue to
support us on the unbelievable farming adventure.

Kai and Sean
Green Rows Farm